Over the years, the small Hotel Puntagrande has attracted people from all over the world, from the Himalayas to Japan, from America to all of Europe: artists and intellectuals, well-known personalities from the world of entertainment and sport, politicians and parliamentarians, Generali and intendants, governors, journalists, and simple travelers driven by the desire to get in touch with nature and breathe the mystical air of this unusual place built on a spur of rock in the middle of the ocean.
Our guestbook contains the comments and dedications of visitors who have stayed in the smallest hotel in the world, where they forget the daily anxieties and cultivate harmony and serenity.

In their words you will be able to see the unrepeatable experience that happens in this corner of nature and poetry.
We had the honor of hosting the Royal Family, the architect César Manrique, well-known singers such as Sergio Dalma, Lola Flores, Alberto Cortez, the musical duo Azúcar Moreno, the Mexican trio Los Panchos, the researcher and scholar of the Canarian culture Díaz Cutilla , the journalist José Oneto, the diplomat Alfonso Silva, the artist Devi Tuszynski, the deputy Miguel Cabrera Pérez Camacho, the president of the Spanish senate Pío García-Escudero Márquez and many others.

Our guests’ words