Puntagrande is not only a hotel but also a site of cultural interest, the building itself is a destination to visit, due to its peculiar characteristics and the absolutely unique atmosphere.

Its interior holds nautical memorabilia and many traditional nautical objects, from the telegraph of the old postal barge Viera y Clavijo to the portholes of the ships used as the base of tables and bedside tables, original lampsticks of old fishing boats hanging from the ceiling, a large nautical compass, and a vintage diving suit in the corner that the locals call Arturo.

An entire wall collects an impressive number of registration plates of old boats, including the plate of the ship Angela Pando, which went dry and sunk in the Isleta de Gran Canaria.
As stated by the President of the El Hierro Cabildo, Alpidio Armas, the island’s history is strictly interconnected with this small hotel, which has become an emblem of the island.
In 2018 the Hotel Puntagrande has been declared by the Canary Islands Government “Bien de Interés Cultural” (BIC), a site of cultural interest, in the category of Ethnological Site (Decree 170/2018 of November 26, which was published in the “Boletín oficial de Canarias” on December 10, 2018).

It is possible to visit the Hotel Puntagrande as a place of cultural interest.
The days for the visit are: every day (except Sunday) from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.
Adequate clothing is required.
As this is the smallest hotel in the world, please note that the whole building is intended for this purpose. Therefore, in order to preserve the privacy of our guests and to ensure the correct service at the restaurant, the visit can only take place during the time indicated above, also incuding the external area of the property as well as the space hosting the private naval collection, located inside the building.

Ready to get on board? We are waiting for you!

A place where time has stopped and history lives within the walls.
A mix of stories of the ocean, of lives that tell the past, which generate the best energies of the present.